Assessing Risks, Preventing Crises, Taking opportunities

Act rather than react!

Very often, not enough attention is given to potential risks and opportunities in the project start-up phase. This can result in failure to achieve the project objectives, in project crises or in the termination of the project itself. From statistics we know that more than 40% of the projects are not finished according to their frame conditions and objectives, and about 25% of the projects have to be terminated. Take "preventive health care" measures for your next project!

  • People who who prepare themselves for a certification (according to IPMA- or PMI-Standard) and want to increase their knowledge regarding this topic

Pro-active management of risks and opportunities increases your success!



  • Methodical identification of opportunities and risks
  • Development of assessment principles for risks
  • Building  and monitoring risk management systems
  • Risk management in the various project phases
  • Establishment of an early warning system to prevent project crises
  • Ways out of a crisis, case studies for successfully coping with crises



Andreas Goldschmid


1,5 days


680 EUR + 20% VAT


  • 13.-14.09.2018 / Vienna


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