If products do not meet the customer expectations in agile projects ...

With a lot of resources a specification sheet was created. Now no questions should remain! - In the worst case, the customer only recognizes at the end of the project that the delivered product does not meet his expectations. Now, by means of further resources an attempt is made to clarify who is to blame for these deviations.

No more specification sheets?

Of course, we do not want to encourage you to not give any thought to the scope of the project. However, as an alternative the following approach has proven to be successful:
  • Instead of investing resources in an elaborate specification sheet, they can be used to develop prototypes in iterative steps.
  • These prototypes are evaluated by the customer.
  • The project team can deal with the findings and requests for change in the following phase.
  • This ensures that the developed products really satisfy the customer requirements.

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