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Dr. Günter Rattay


  •  Degree in business management from the University of Economic and Business, Vienna, with main focus on enterprize leadership, controlling and management of industrial companies
  • University course „Project Management“ (University of Economic and Business / Technical University of Vienna)

  • Training for systemic consulting of organizations

  • International leadership, communication, quality of life trainings

  • Professional Scrum Master


  • Management and consulting of international projects in construction, IT, product development, event, strategy and organization development in several countries
  • Founder of Primas CONSULTING, Vienna
  • Organizational development 
  • Author of several publications, amongst others the books
    • “Projektmanagement“ (Lindeverlag)
    • „Project Management“ (Lindeverlag)
    • "Führung von Projektorganisationen" (Lindeverlag)
    • "Leben in Projekten" (Lindeverlag)
  • Founder of Sinnspuren, Vienna
  • Managing director of Primas CONSULTING


E-Mail: guenter.rattay@primas.at