Professional Virtual Meeting Management

Efficiency and commitment through innovative teamwork methods - also virtually!

The present situation causes many employees to work in a home office. Suddenly, online meetings are the only way for you and your employees to communicate and work. This doesn’t have to be a disadvantage if you organize collaboration efficiently and creatively.


Goals online training:

  • In the course of an online training, participants learn how to use web meeting tools (MS Teams,…) professionally and how to organize collaboration efficiently.
  • After the training, the participants know the most important requirements, procedures and tips & tricks of a successful online meeting management. They will be able to efficiently plan, facilitate and lead virtual meetings and be skilled in dealing with external partners.
  • Creative methods are presented that strengthen team spirit, enable virtual team leadership and ensure varied, fruitful collaboration.
  • We work with innovative apps and documentation tools.
We work with small groups for maximum personal benefit!



  • Preparation and tailoring
  • Online session 1: Success factors for professional online meeting mgt
  • Individual implementation
  • Online session 2: Reflection, implementation, in-depth functions


Also available as customized online in-house training!


  • Preparation / Tailoring:
    • Clarifying the participants’ prior knowledge
    • Collecting typical use cases
    • Ensuring that the tools are set up


  • Meeting preparation:
      • Documents, filing structure, invitation, advance information to participants
  • Conducting meetings:
    • Facilitation, rules, sharing of documents,
    • Creative gathering of ideas – by means of virtual techniques
    • Facilitated decision preparation
    • Kick-off and planning meetings
    • Project monitoring and progress meetings


  • Meeting follow-up:
      • Filing of documents, files, embedded apps
      • Backup of meeting results


Andreas Goldschmid

Andreas Goldschmid


2 hours preparation, 2 sessions of 2 hours each


150 EUR + 20% VAT per person


on demand / online


    Any questions? Please contact:

    Mrs. Birgit Rattay
    Tel. +43-1-533-23-34

    If you are interested in customized in-house trainings please contact:

    Christiane Eschberger, MSc
    Tel. +43-1-533-23-34


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