You will take the lead with our innovations!
On the basis of the challenges, trends and problems in project management we analyze and develop innovative concepts and academically well-funded solutions in our team. We continuously develop methods and models in order to provide our clients with up-to-date knowledge and expertise. We are continuously the first to bring our innovations to the market!

Our level of innovation is extraordinary because…

  • since many years our books are bestsellers in the non-fiction publishing sector, and are used as standard literature in project management.
  • we develop practical, easy to apply products that support projects managers in their daily work.



You will benefit from our experience!
Our consultants have longtime extensive experience and expert knowledge in project management. Our methods have proven usability. We develop consulting concepts and implement these concepts together with our customers to meet their needs.

Our practical orientation is extraordinary because…

  • our well-trained and experienced project managers bring in their knowledge and experience in a suitable way.
  • we provide practical knowledge that address the questions and projects of the participants.
  • enable the transfer of knowledge by appropriate measures.
  • integrate existing knowledge into our trainings.



We create added value for our customers!
Our aim at Primas CONSULTING is to develop customized programs and individual and flexible solutions to meet our customers`needs. The focus of our work is our customers`benefit!

Our customer orientation is extraordinary because…

  • we listen to our customers and ask questions.
  • we are experts and provide suitable alternatives/solutions.
  • we care for your concern.



You get efficiency instead of pointless measures!
Our consulting approach combines expert knowledge and social competence. We consult complex social issues, accompany change processes and provide very specific know-how. We apply these factors adequately to the situation.

Our consulting approach is extraordinary because…

  • we bring in different, maybe lacking perspectives and experience.
  • we develop together with you exactly what you need.
  • we support you to keep what is valuable and to complete it with useful new ideas.
  • we situationally integrate changes and adapt our concepts.
  • we pay attention to acceptance and sustainable impact.
  • You decide what you want to / can bring in, and how much.



We offer the experts for your concerns!
We are an interdisciplinary team of consultants and trainers with different professions, a wide range of experience and a great variety of industries. All our consultants and trainers have hands-on experience in project management. We are able to deliver our services in many European languages!

Our interdisciplinary team is extraordinary because…

  • we can find the right trainer for each request.
  • thanks to our network we are thematically broadly positionded.
  • our consultants can work in various roles.



With our creativeand goal oriented approaches learning is pleasant and effective!
We offer innovative seminars, workshops and facilitation. Our services cover the assessment of the expecatations and qualifications, the development of a tailor-made program, the content related and didactical design of the seminar, the complete documentation and follow up as well as staying in touch via diverse communication canals.

Our didactics is extraordinary because…

  • due to tailor-made designs, the optimal use of media and a balanced mix of theory and practice we bring content into life and embed it as experinece.
  • thanks to our longterm experience and ongoing advancement in our Primas Academy we are the trendsetter in project management.
  • with the Primas Integrated Learning Support (PIL) we provide a methodological framework that accompanies participants and their companies beginning from the qualification assessment, goal formulation, training, and knowledge transfer to the evaluation process.



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