Project Coaching

Managing the delicate project moments!

Well-prepared for the difficult project situations

There are always situations in projects that are crucial for the project success. The coach acts as neutral sparring partner who provides the external view and brings in experiences from other organizations. The support aims at preparing the project manager for their upcoming tasks or reflecting on delicate project situations.

Project coaching with Primas
  • offers an additional perspective
  • creates clarity as regards opportunities and consequences
  • produces energy and motivation for solving the situation
  • supports new creative solutions

Projekt Coaching Primas

With the support of Primas you get

  • an external project view
  • a neutral analysis of potential problems or upcoming decisions
  • alternative ideas and specific measures for an optimal implementation
  • optimal preparation for the Moments of Truth in your project

With us, you get effectiveness instead of actionism!

Our consulting approach combines technical knowledge and social competence as well as process and methodological know-how. We apply our knowledge according to the specific situation.

  • We provide different, maybe lacking perspectives and experiences.
  • We support you to keep what`s valuable and to complete it with useful new ideas.
  • We integrate changes in a situational way, and adapt our concepts accordingly.
  • We consider acceptance and sustainable effectiveness.
  • You decide what you can /want to bring in, and how much.

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We will be pleased to advise you and to develop tailor-made solutions together with you!

Your contact person: Christiane Eschberger
Phone: +43-1-533 23 34


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