Primas CONSULTING - Self-Management


Managing one´s own resources intelligently

The demands upon us seem to be increasing each year. There is the impression that MORE must be done in LESS time. Besides the job, there is also the family, friends, hobbies...
In contrast to the usual time management methods, the self-management approach is a holistic approach. You will learn the basics and get to know the tools which help you to bring balance into your life - enabling you to live content and a meaningful life that is effective, and not only efficient!

Find and maintain your personal balance!



  • Away from time management to self-management
  • Evaluate yourself
  • Areas of life and roles
  • Holistic orientation and planning
  • Stress - yes, but the "right" one
  • Get to know your stress factors and patterns
  • Sovereignty over time - your efficient week
  • Disturbances and time thieves - "no problem"
  • Organize yourself - "keep it simple"


Andreas Goldschmid


2 days


830 Euros + 20% VAT


  • 14.-15.05.2019 / Vienna
  • 19.-20.11.2019 / Vienna


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