Primas CONSULTING - Assessing Risks, Preventing Crises, Taking opportunities

Assessing Risks, Preventing Crises, Taking opportunities

Act rather than react!

Very often, not enough attention is given to potential risks and opportunities in the project start-up phase. This can result in failure to achieve the project objectives, in project crises or in the termination of the project itself. From statistics we know that more than 40% of the projects are not finished according to their frame conditions and objectives, and about 25% of the projects have to be terminated. Take "preventive health care" measures for your next project!

  • People who who prepare themselves for a certification (according to IPMA- or PMI-Standard) and want to increase their knowledge regarding this topic

Pro-active management of risks and opportunities increases your success!



  • Methodical identification of opportunities and risks
  • Development of assessment principles for risks
  • Building  and monitoring risk management systems
  • Risk management in the various project phases
  • Establishment of an early warning system to prevent project crises
  • Ways out of a crisis, case studies for successfully coping with crises


Andreas Goldschmid


1,5 days


680 EUR + 20% VAT


  • 19.-20.09.2019 / Vienna


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