Primas CONSULTING - Consistent Project Management Standard

Consistent Project Management Standard

With Primas know-how achieving highest efficiency in projects!

High efficiency and verifiable quality instead of trial & error

Project managers manage projects to the best of their knowledge and own experience. Individual styles may lead to inefficiencies. New or younger project managers don`t have the consistent knowledge, process and methodological basis they can build on.

We develop a modern project management standard with your experts that comprises the current and future requirements; a project management guideline that is based on your processes and existing tools, and is easy to apply.


You benefit from the unique approach that
  • suits for your projects: mobile – agile - hybrid – traditional
  • enablees efficient project management structures, roles and processes
  • provides project management methods that ensure highest quality
  • is practical
  • is the basis of software solutions


With Primas you achieve

  • a successful implementation with little effort and low risks, thanks to more than 20 years of experience
  • acceptance through the involvement of internal experts
  • quick results with the help of efficient workshop and meeting facilitations

We will be pleased to advise you and to develop tailor-made solutions together with you!


Your contact person: Christiane Eschberger, Phone: +43-1-533 23 34