Primas CONSULTING - Personality is a true triumph

Personality is a true triumph

Convincing with personal charisma

Communication forms 90 percent of a project manager´s work! Meetings must be facilitated, decisions communicated, conflicts solved in a constructive way. Squaring the circle: performing your role in difficult discussions and leadership situations, and being authentical and convincing at the same time. What if you are just not having your day? If there wasn`t enough time to prepare yourself? If you have to solve a conflict you are emotionally involved in? In order to position and assert yourself well, even against great headwinds, it is important to know one´s personal effect and to be able to control one´s external impact.  

Learn to use your personal persuasive power in challenging project situations, in a flexible and authentical way!


  • How personal effect arises and can be controlled without betraying your principles
  • Get to know and sharpen your personal profile
  • Reflecting on your own strenghts and weaknesses
  • Body language and power
    • personal feedback
  • Communication psychology


Andrea Udl


2 days


830 Euros + 20% VAT


  • 21.-22.05.2019 / Vienna
  • 24.-25.10.2019 / Vienna


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