Primas CONSULTING - Moments of truth for project managers

Moments of truth for project managers

Efficient project management with maximum effect!

Moments of truth for project managers - behind it there is a simple basic idea: what are the project key points that are the real leverage factors? Situations typical for the project with heavy effects on the following phase or on the project success. Project managers need focused preparation in order to make an impact. Experienced project managers know that their influence tends to decrease as the project progresses, but the costs for modifications increase exponentially. For that very reason, use the critical moments during the project start-up process!

Become fully effective through focusing on your important moments! This motivates you and your team!
  • "Moments of truth - intensive workshop" for a selected moment of truth!


  • High-dose communication situations in projects
  • Moments of truth in project phases:
    • Project assignment for a solid basis
    • Resource negotiations for good teams
    • Kick-off meeting for a powerful start
    • Planning workshop for a mutual view
    • Status meeting and presentations for important decisions
    • Tough change/claim negotiations for professional relationships
    • Acceptance meeting with the customer for the start of the project close-down process
  • Personality as an important influence factor


Andreas Ranet


2 days


830 Euros + 20% VAT


  • 18.-19.03.2019 / Vienna
  • 25.-26.11.2019 / Vienna


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