Primas CONSULTING - Project Management Certification

Project Management Certification

Support and challenge the best project managers in your company!

Customers more and more demand objective proof of quality for the project managers that work for them. Succesful project managers make a career in line management or switch to a competitor due to lacking long-term incentive systems.

You benefit from
  • choosing the project management certification model that suits your comapny best
  • higher customer satisfaction / loyalty
  • motivated project managers with long-term perspectives

We develop a certification meodel with you that

  • die Qualität der eingesetzten Projektmanager objektiv nachweist
  • langfristige Perspektiven für Projektmanager eröffnet und die Bindung und Motivation der Mitarbeiter im Unternehmen erhöht

We will be pleased to advise you and to develop tailor-made solutions together with you!


Your contact person: Christiane Eschberger, Phone: +43-1-533 23 34