Primas CONSULTING - Mastering challenges in agile projects

Mastering challenges in agile projects

Work on your agile practice cases!

Especially when introducing agile methods in the organization, Scrum Masters and Product Owners face the daily challenge of effectively applying the Scrum framework. Agile approaches often contradict established organizational processes and must be explained and justified again and again. Thus there is always the danger of falling back into old patterns and processes. 

In this seminar you can check your knowledge about agile project management and deepen it on the basis of your very own problems from practice.


  • Short theory input on the SCRUM framework
  • Working on specific problems from practice
  • Using case studies of the participants, the theoretical knowledge is deepened and consolidated and problem solutions are worked out.
    Possible issues:
    • We fail to prioritize the product backlog
    • The user stories are not clearly defined
    • The speed of the team varies greatly from sprint to sprint
    • The daily scrum meetings always last longer than 15 minutes
    • The sprint backlog is not updated
    • No sprint goals are formulated
    • Management wants progress reports
    • The review meeting is not held
    • The retrospective is of no use


Alexandra Schermann


1 day


460 EUR + 20% VAT


  • 27.05.2020 / Vienna
  • 17.12.2020 / Vienna


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