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Agile Transformation

Your company has some project management standards and/or a project management office?
At the same time, your company is required to become faster, more agile, more innovative? Do you want to be ready for future requirements, radical customer orientation and shorter time-to-market times?

Many companies are currently in a phase of change and are wondering where a transformation should lead and how they should achieve it.

How agile do you want to be?

We accompany you in the development towards a more agile company. For us, this does not mean discarding everything that has gone before. Rather, we support you in developing a suitable approach for your company and your team.

With us you get the best of both worlds! Together with you, we develop the goal and accompany you on the way there with the most modern methods!


Building blocks:


Maturity Model:

We measure the agile maturity of your company in the following fields:

  • Vision, values, culture, strategy
  • Leadership / Management
  • Teamwork & interaction & collaboration
  • Individual skills + development
  • Organization & roles, structures / processes
  • Framework / methods, tools / IT, infrastructure
  • Innovation & knowledge management & product
  • Resources / portfolio management
  • KPIs / EBM (Evidence Based Management)

More information: Christiane Eschberger, Tel. +53-1-533 23 34