Primas CONSULTING - Project Management Basics 1 english

Project Management Basics 1 english

The basis for project success

Project Management Basics 1 

Team building, project initiation and planning, as a basis for project success

Success in projects highly depends on the use of appropriate management tools. Professional Project Management means using relevant methods according to the circumstances, in order to manage a project efficiently and effectively. Which means acting within scope, cost and time schedule. Nevertheless, the administrative effort is to be kept in a favorable balance with the benefits derived.

On the other hand, the building of a functionable project team that works together well and the communication with the relevant stakeholder groups are essential elements of successful projects.


  • As a participant you work through the e-learning course "Project Management Basics".  
  • In the 3 days consolidated training Project Management you learn to integrate comprehensive project and team management. Furthermore you will receive practical ideas for project execution, as well as tips for managing every phase of a project, from the start to completion. 

Every participant will receive a copy of the book „Projektmanagement – Leitfaden zum Management von Projekten, Projektportfolios und projektorientierten Unternehmen“ von Patzak/Rattay. The book is included in the participation fee. 

  • Learning to know the international ‚State of the Art‘ in project management
  • Practical learning by means of case studies
  • Tips and tricks for the management of different types of projects



  • Project management methods – overview  
  • Review of developments and trends in project management
  • Responsibilities of  project managers in the start-up phase
    • Creating cooperation with the line organization
    • Selection and development of the project team
    • Formulation of project objectives, development of the project definition and environemnet and stakeholder analysis.
    • Preparation Project-Kick-Off  (Start-Workshop,...)
  • PM methods for project planning
    • Task, schedule, cost  and resource planning
    • Risk analysis
    • Overview software tools for the efficient project planning and controlling.
  • Building  an efficient project organization
  • Project Controlling Basics
  • Creating the communication flow in projects
  • Develop and execute effective project meetings and workshops
  • Project leadership tasks in the project working phases
  • Team management during execution, dealing with conflicts
  • Managing the project close-down


Anton Lorenz


3 days + e-learning-course!


1060 € + 20% VAT


  • on demand


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