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Project Management - Certification

Support for selecting and implementing project management certifications systems

Initial situation

Customers increasingly demand objective quality certificates from the assigned project managers. Successful project managers have functional careers in the company, or change to competitors due to the lack of long-term prospects. 


Objectives / Benefits

Development of an appropriate certification model for the company which

  • objectively verifies the quality of the assigned project managers (internal and / or for customers)
  • offers long-term prospects for project managers in their project work and thus increases committment and motivation of the employees in the company 
  • enables a combination with career path models


  • Analysis of the actual status, incentive systems, cultural elements and previous experience of project managers in the company
  • Gathering requirements and the specific framework for project managers in the company
  • Support for the selection of appropriate project management certification systems (e.g.: IPMA, PMI, internal standards,...)
  • Development of a company-specific training, incentive and certification moedel (e.g.: selfassessments, knowledge exams, assessment center, integrated solutions ...)
  • Introduction into the company


  • A transparent and objective project management certification model for the company 
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Motivated project managers who see long-term prospects in their project work