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Project-oriented career path and incentive systems

Initial situation

Project-oriented career path and incentive systems are becoming increasingly important. With the increasing number of projects, also the number of project managers who are seeking medium to long-term career prospects rises. Without opportunities for development, identification with the company decreases with many employees. Traditionally hierarchy-oriented career models no longer provide opportunities for development for many employees. Flatter hierarchies and generally changed organizational forms are the major causes. Project-oriented development steps assembled to a "project manager career path" supplement traditional manager career paths and encourage new prospects.

Objectives / Benefits

  • Offering long-term prospects to project managers 
  • Developing project-oriented corporate career models
  • Developing internal certifications or combinations with international project management certifications (IPMA, PMI)
  • Encouraging successful projects and thus increasing the company´s success
  • Creating the job description „Project Manager“ in the company 

  • Analysis of the actual status 
    • Requirements and specific framework for project managers in the company
    • Existing corporate career models 
    • Degree of project management maturity of the company
  • Concept „Project-Oriented Career“
    • Design of the career model with steps and transitional arrangements
    • Development of a company-specific training, incentive and certification model
    • Integration of the project-oriented career into the comapny
  • Realization of pilot projects 
  • Roll-out to the entire company


  • Role descriptions and a job description for project managers
  • A career model for project managers aligned with corporate objectives
  • Motivated project managers who see long-term prospects in project work