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Tailor-made Project Management Education

Complex tasks, dynamic markets, difficult economic situations, rapid technological developments and the change of values in society reduce traditional successful management methods more and more to absurdity. Modern Project Management becomes more and more important. Well educated project managers and project team members are essential for the project success. Successful enterprises offer their project managers tailor-made education programs which support their strengths and further develop their potentials. These education curricula are often combined with internal or external certifications and embedded in company-wide personnel development concepts.


Target / Benefit
  • Development and conduct of a Project Management curriculum for different target groups
  • Survey and recognition of potentials
  • Systematic further development of potentials
  • Use of modern Project Management methods and approaches


  • Actual state analysis, analysis of the qualification of the project managers, analysis of strengths and development potentials
  • Concept: definition and description of a tailor-made curriculum for each target group, coordination and approval
  • Pilot implementation: conduct of assessments, conduct of Project Management trainings, conduct of education controlling and reflection of expericences
  • Expansion to whole enterprise


  • The curriculum is implemented successfully and is evaluated.