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Personality is a true triumph
16.-17.11.2016 / Vienna

Moments of truth for project managers
24.-25.10.2016 / Vienna

Successful communication in conflicts
1.12.-.2.12.2016 / Vienna

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Follow-up-module: SMART Leadership

Which leadership approaches work in complex projects?

Project managers have to develop leadership approaches that encourage teams to deliver their tasks on time and in high quality. Primas` SMART leadership approach combines communicative, structural and emotional aspects for project managers and team members.


  • Strength-oriented attitudes can lead teams very effectively
  • Leadership motivates through visions and meaning
  • Authentic leadership works
  • Relational thinking and acting
  • Content- and goal-orientation as basis


Training with preparation/exercises/role plays!


  • 1 day
  • PDUs: 7



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