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Development of Project Management Personnel

Support during the development and implementation of a suitable personnel development system for Project Management


Initial situation

The number and significance of projects in enterprises increase constantly. Customers demand a high level of professionalism and quality from project managers. Successful project managers either get ahead in the line organisation or change to the competitors due to missing longterm incentive systems.


Target / Benefit
  • Development of a personnel development concept for Project Management that
  • considers the different experience levels of the project team members and the complexity of projects and thereupon establishes a longterm personnel development model
  • constantly improves the qualification of the employed project managers and project team members and makes it verifiable
  • gives project managers longterm perspectives in projects and therewith increases the motivation of the employees and their bond with the enterprise
  • enables a connection with the carreer path models in the enterprise


  • Analysis of the existing personnel development models and the know-how of the project managers
  • Survey of the need and the specific general conditions for project managers in the enterprise
  • Development of a specific personnel development concept "Project Management"


  • A strategic personnel development concept "Project Management"
  • Motivated project managers who also see their longterm perspecitve in project work